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The Start As we slowly restoring the greenhouses over the last couple of years, we have used only timber, glass and putty. Mastic has only be used in conjunction with the gutters.
We started on the first of the two narrow house (2007) doing a segment at a time, Carefully we have removed the glass there have be sanded down, treat with Cuprinol 5 star treatment, and then painted with over 3 coats of Cuprinol Country Cream, we then replace the original glass in a bed of putty, back on the house.
The Start The Grape House has had a similar treatment to the above (2009), although the grape had died some years ago, we found a original tin grape label which read 'Mascat de Alexandra' so that is what we have replanted, and it also make an ideal are for the staff to enjoy lunch or the visitor to shelter out of the rain.
The Start The old boiler room behind the grape house has been into made into library for staff and visitors to enjoy alike.
This summer we hope to finish the north facing greenhouse, which we hope will house a collection of tender Rhododendrons
As we have restored these Greenhouses we have been slowly collect gardening objects of interesting, here are some of the surplus which are list in the links to the right.
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